Art of the week:Reunited with my Oil Pastel

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It's been couple of years since I last used oil pastel as medium, the last time was when we had workshop sponsored by my former company held at Ayala Museum. Here's the article from my old blog.

find me in this pix

this is my work

Article published:

BPO Education
Advanced Still Life Drawing Workshop

The talented and creative Widmarth "Wed" Lodriga of Philippine Art Educators Association, Kalipunan Pasig Artists Guild, and Makiling Ensemble percussionist facilitated the successful run of the BPO education's advanced still life drawing workshop last June 14, 2008 at the Ayala Museum.

The participants developed their basic skills in rendering depth in composition, structural drawing, tonal value and achieve a likeness of still life through organization of contours, proportions and planes.

A starter kit consisting of a sketch pad, pencil and pastel crayons paved the way in letting the creative juices of the participants flow. The hands-on workshop equipped the participants with the basic knowledge in shading, sketching and color blending which they later applied on a still life painting of fruits.

Participants shared the things they learned by giving constructive criticisms and exchanging views on how they appreciate each other’s art.

The afternoon ended with each participant gaining new found knowledge about still life and art appreciation.

Fastforward year 2011, here's what I made..

In peacock’s world male display their iridescent feathers for prospective female mates, for humans females need it too! I wonder will it be more effective if females have this kind of asset to attract males? haha just my imaginary thoughts!

pastels I use-pentel and cray-pas

camera phone lighting intensifies the colors

Normal mode

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