Summer is here!!!

10:51 PM

Summer wouldn't be complete without an outing, beach, pool or picnic..this holiday I spent time with beau and his family at a resort in Rizal..yes all the way there.. and because it's summer, the weather is hot and we need protection~~~sunblock! so here's what we use..

nivea spf 50 for face

NuDerm from Dermclinic spf 40

banana boat spf 23 for face

banana boat spf 50 for body

Aloe vera for sunburn and itching

Thumbs up for:
- Most of the sunblock are sticky and tends to make my face oily but these sunblock are good, i can use NuDerm for everyday.. I also like to try their other skin products, Before I've tried samples of their clarifying lotion and toner..
- Cost 300 pesos for 100 ml..
- only available at Dermclinic branches since there's no branch here I have to buy it in Manila

Banana boat and aloe vera are from US so I can't rate the price.. sunblock is also not too sticky and the aloe vera is very soothing, i use it on my insect bites..

Summer also means eating my favorite food! (and junk food)

Dried Mangoes and Chef Tony's popcorn

home made salad.. cute cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and tuna

Summer also means playing with make ups!

EB liquid eyeliner

using liquid eyeliner! really open up your eyes

Go green! using Ellana mineral eyeshadow in breezy and mary kay for the green line, EB pinkish white above eye crease

using camera phone you could see my pinkish shimmering blush - NARS orgasm! really gives a natural like blush..

That's it! Have a safe and great SUMMER!~~~

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