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When I crave for some food can't help but find a way to have them... it happens at times and i have a weird palate too.. i love spicy and sour food.. i also love mixing them.. depends on my taste buds.. so here's some food i crave for this week...

toasted bread, almond joy chocolate and gummy bear

ice cream - simple enough?? wait there..

ice cream with gummy bears and mms

kimbab!!(leaf resto)

favorite japanese food! california maki (leaf resto)

I'm loving Korean food, since i like spicy, ramyun is a must!

kimchi, spicy mushroom and potato flavor

Ramyun with brocolli, add some pork!lol ain't weird huh..

Do you have extraordinary palate too??!!

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  1. OMG I LOVEEE KOREAN FOODDDDDDD. I can't live without spicy. The Shin ramen is my favorite of all ramens. =D OH and KIMBABBB my mom makes the best kimbab of all time. MMMMM your post just made me hungry. =]


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