Another year another chapter..

4:34 PM

I still did celebrate a happy birthday, although things didn't go well as planned, I'm still blessed I've celebrated my birthday peacefully. After performing in worship service and annointing of oil, I invited some friends to have dinner at my place. I got not one but two cakes!!! It felt complete as I've mentioned on my earlier post. Gifts I received are slippers, cake and cologne from my brother, earrings from my mom, pesos from pa, Victoria Secret lotion from che, shirt from ate Nor, Nay and kuya Dennis.. a LOT of text messages and Facebook greetings!! another cake and a cute Tasmanian Devil stuff toy from my beau! (Hmmm teasing that it didn'n end there yet~~anticipating)

delicious carbonara

cake from beau
cake from my brother

some of my gifts

Taz!!! cute!!

Thank you all!! I had a wonderful meaningful day! thank you for my family, relatives and friends!! I love you!! Hugs and Kisses..mwah!!!

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