A week from now...

6:09 PM

Yes, a week from now I'm a year older.. woah.. they're right as you get older you deny it because for one, you don't feel old, two you don't look old, and three if you think about it, it just stressed you.. so i'll be forever 25!! so for next week im planning to cook pasta for my department probably some on my day, ohh i wish there's a cake! i always say that i feel it's my birthday when there's a cake even if it's only graham..i'm also planning to take some of my friends out, have dinner etc.. too bad my bestfriend isn't available for that day..wish she will be though.. personal reason.. i hope she gets well..
just to give summary for some of my errands this September:

- beau's bday last September 2
- our beloved bro. Ka erdy's wake and interment Sept. 7
- Pizza galore Sept. 15
- Trying out Felwin's air soft gun
- Attend Software Freedom day Sept. 19

yah it's big and heavy!

go for open office???

Speaker, Ka Efren

Kidss love it and even pretending kids like me..heheh fruity yogurt in stick

huge yellow cab pizza..yummy!!

I really wish I could get zashikibuta's stuff for my birthday!!! anything.. any sanrio zashikibuta stuff..hayyyy.. specially watch! i love watch! that's the thing I always wear everyday...
will you give me one???


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