SM haul + Family Diner!

11:54 PM

Finally after a month we're complete again, family that is..bro went home for his weekly day off so after WS we had diner at 50s Diner again.. we never get tired of eating there simply because the food is affordable, place near our house and the food is delicious!

pizza burger 85 pesos

calamari - onion rings, shrimp and veggies 180

guys on the hood 120

mama's kid 80

SM haul, cetaphil 250 ml facial wash, eskinol scrub and face cream sachet size, chef's tony popcorn in original flavor and oishi potato chips in kimchi flavor

Lastly i wanna share you some pix taken by my brother at the Chapel's garden..

It colder nowadays, rains every night... i hope summer isn't finish yet, there's more place i want to go..

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