Ambidextrous for a day??

9:27 PM

The reason behind?? I'm on the mood to create an art, it's been ages since i draw something, most of the time i just doodle.. so here's the product...

medium used: pencil color, sign pen, pentel pen

I originally wanted to use acrylic, but it take hours to make it and time to dry i used pencil color instead..playing with phone camera i got different effects..


black and white


reducing the brightness - drawing became glow in the dark like

Closer look... the details..

1st part is a cherry blossom branch - i originally want it to be pink background but i think it'll become too cute and childish

girl on swing

sunset sea

it's a boy and a girl on roof stargazing

the inspiration is the above drawing, i saw it on the net so i sketch it and make my own could see on my previous painting that i love colors, i don't use dull colors making it gloomy or sad picture..

Hope you like it, looking forward to my next creation..

P.S. just had exam for a company i'm applying, i passed i'm looking forward for interview..fingers crossed..

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1 critics

  1. I love it! You can frame it and put it up on your wall. :)


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