May 10-11, 2010

11:24 PM

As per my previous post we went to QC for the 2010 election, we leave at 10:30 pm and arrive 3:30 am.. before 7:00 am my mom head to our precinct, good thing she immediately got us a number so by 7:30 am we're done voting.. we're lucky our precinct was much peaceful than in other school, from 9 am till afternoon was the peak numbers of voters who came so it took them 3-5 hours to vote, some even went home first them came later in the afternoon.. 37 degrees of hot and humid temperature, imagine sleeping sweating.. wheww.. as I always say let the pictures do the talking..

My Ballot - oooppss you could see some of my votes..

feed it to the machine, wait for the "Congratulations!!!" (you won something~~kidding)


the teachers in charge are my elementary teachers, they couldn't believe when they saw me taller than them..ehehehe, power of stretching..

mom waiting for her confirmation

my Nail of the

with nail ink and for finger printing

later that day we watched Iron Man 2 with beau- eating my long lost miss food Jamaican Patty!!

purchase human nature products, lip balm-peppermint (extra balm, haven't finish the other one) shampoo aloe vera, pearl powder and cucumber, and organic hair mask in mango with vitamin E and peppermint all cost for 249.25

gift from angels... jergens lotion and soap, dove shampoo, body wash and soap..

2 days of traveling south and north, lack of sleep and hot weather.. still we're happy to see relatives and friends.. and of course our main purpose-to unite with one VOTE..

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