1st day class!

9:10 PM

So we got lost in finding room 434, only to know its move on room 439, we waited till 5:45 pm class schedule 5pm, our prof? the doctors of all doctors, mentors of most head directors in our school.Dr.S.DC.... hmmm some may knew her as she teaches on different school in Manila including PUP, AMA and NEU.. most of my classmates were degree holder so we're treated as students of graduate studies, there's one lady who's even pregnant for her 2nd child..

We had our short getting to know each other, tell me something about yourself then assigning of individual reports. oh! how I reminisced my college days, i'm really studious, i memorize exams, i really did focus on my studies as i want to graduate with honors, so i did.. but this time I want to relax, just learn what I could learn, learn from my professors and classmates.

Let's see what will happen, i think i will be fun!


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