Wazz up for this week??

5:53 PM

This week, been busy for school's 2nd sem enrolment, tired of walking, standing, assisting etc. My legs and back aches and everytime I come home, I feel exhausted.. but it was good, busy days means there something to do more than programming and chatting. What about my long weekend?

After having MUs I decided to go with beau. Tagaytay and EK, sad after knowing Kim and Mines couldn't come, but wait! after waiting more than 3 hours for others, there they are! surprised! glad they come.. bochok's first time at EK, he's excited on rides..esp. 4D and Rio Grande. Kid again..

After having breakfast at Chowking, Tagaytay, we stayed at Picnic Grove, it's too hot and humid. We're all sweating. Then lunch at Rose and Grace at Paseo, somewhere in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

smile even it's HOT!

turo turo style, BEST BULALO! Rose and Grace Resto

Nestea tower 150.00


pix with Miss Colombia Miss Earth Pageant

before and after pix rides on Rio Grande

shower? anyone?!

group pix, before depart

Tuesday treat from Anna

Boodle meal!

we love timezone, old pix

and we love food, taken from Dampa

That's all folks, back to normal! ciao!

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