Manila Ocean Park Adventure

6:45 PM

As I've mentioned on my previous post, last May 30 we visited Manila Ocean Park located at the back of Quirino Grandstand, Luneta. We took the LRT train going to Recto then cab going to Luneta, take note that it was raining hard that day, as they say rain or shine.

To sum things up just look at the pictures.


Turtles beside the ticket booth

The park was divided into three parts.

First stop: AGOS

More turtles


Making fun of the statue with the warning sign

Second stop: Dalampasigan

More small creatures and colorful fishes here in small aquariums

Starfish and small sharks

see you can touch them but you can.t hold them..creepy didn't even try to touch them

long spined tripod fish

Lion fish

embryo's of small shark

stone fish
a giant crab

Look Nemo! I mean clown fish

Third stop: LAOT

Here you could see 180 degrees aquarium full of fishes, sting rays and sharks


...and a man cleaning

sleeping shark..Zzzzz

These were just few of the pictures we've taken inside the park good thing we reach Laot before battery's dead. It was 30 minutes to 1 hour tour. There's a restaurant, fish spa and boat ride on the second floor. Quite "bitin" for a 400 entrance fee.. Overall the park was ok..hope they'll develop it more. Afterwards we headed back to Gateway, eat at World's Chicken then watch movie, Angels and Demons, which made beau more sleepy, hmm..think he's just tired. That's it!

Happy browsing with the pictures!!!

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