Challenge Accepted! Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer Challenge

10:17 PM

Last week my friend Lyshan invited me to join Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer ChallengeIt was organized by Matrix, a famous salon brand in the country, David’s Salon and Khyte Ateneo, a foundation that provides psychosocial support to pediatric cancer patients.  

My aunt who passed away has breast cancer and now I have a cousin who is currently suffering the same illness, aside from financial, emotional and spiritual support. what else I could help others?

Such a waste whenever I had haircut before and I always hope I could donate them. Finally there's a way.

8" is long, last time I had shoulder length hair was 2011 and recently I had my 3" cut at David's salon but it was for a good cause so I said YES!

October 25 we were schedule at 11 am, came exactly on time at SM block good thing my friend was already there she has our number and zip lock bags. The place was jumpacked! I'm excited and nervous at the same time after 3 years I'm doing it again.

I always go to David's for hair trim or few layering and to Tony and Jackey for shorter hair cut. There's ups and downs when finding hairstylist I like and I had few unlikely experience so I'm quite skeptical about who's going to cut it.

Hair ideas posted on their website

When my number was called I'm seated on extra chair-no mirror so it'll be a surprise result. I told my stylist Arnold to have it layered shoulder length with sided bangs, how short? as long I could tie it in pony tail.

Mandatory photo op before haircut

Lyshan's hair! longer than mine

Ruler comes handy to make sure it's 8 inches

How Brave! ok inside the ziplock bag my precioussss

Go on do your magic

Annyeong Hair.. hope it makes one child happy

with Arnold of David's Salon Ali Mall Branch- Highly Recommended Stylist :)

Blower is not working so it took more than 30 minutes but definitely worth the wait! Great job Arnold, love my new hairstyle.. got lots of compliments and It took 5 years off my age.. haha

Chatime! short bonding with Ly becasuse of some errands no time for lunch

Love our new hairdo, glad to help.. 

Check their website or facebook page for more information on how to donate. Transform your look as you help little cancer patients transform their lives. There will be some announcements tomorrow October 27, 2014. watch for it.

Do some random act of kindness :)

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