FA: up to first week of July

11:37 PM

School's starting to get busy, almost every meeting we have a plate to do.. it's not easy yet we're not halfway finish for 1st sem..

so for the past month we had:

crumpled paper

not bad ei?!

We had an activity to draw line interpretations of different emotions here are some of them..

line drawing-emotions interpretation (femininity and your choice)

line drawing-emotions interpretation (illness)

sample folds

light, shadow and blocking (failed)


this was easier than paper

Now into the harder part - face sketch (with grid)

Magazine picture - I chose Rihanna's pix

it took me 1 and half hours for this

Inverted face sketch with grid- the picture is inverted and we have to draw it as is

it took me longer about 3 hours with breaks, this one is a take home plate..hmm face is kinda distorted

Same picture with no grid-this one is better and it got higher grade, est time: 2 hours

For the realistic one: live portrait-Des and she's doing my portrait

Des doing my sketch

here's my work, surprisingly I only did this for less than 2 hours.. prof says she looks like her so it means I did good

Des' portrait of me- looking down coz i'm doing her sketch...

Materials 1: Paper Sculpture

messy desk-lost while doing this

inspired by red riding hood

next project-Paper mache

some of my blocmates and "parents" AC-consol night July 1

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