Eisha's 7th Birthday+soon project!

11:31 PM

Yesterday I was carrying her, cradle her until she stops crying now she's grown up! Eisha turns seven. Family and friends gathered at Max Restaurant Dau to celebrate with her. It's a fun mini debut party for her princess theme birthday. Thinking of what to give as gift I made her vector illustration as bag tag and a personalize gift wrapper (with other additional bought gift)

Bag tag

Happy Birthday Eisha!

Another addition to my growing Family- AJ and Kiel

Kiel 3 mons

Alessandra Justine "AJ" 1 month

Babies! there's something about them that made me forget my worries.. nieces and nephews are enough for now, no plans of having my own.. yet!

my soon to be project.. 1st attempt failed! this is my 3rd try.. I created a ring!

On our way home- Pangasinan, 2 feet flood on highway.. Northern Luzon was the most affected area by typhoon Juan..

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