Art, Prize and Gifts..

3:29 PM

Who doesn't want prizes, gifts or freebies? May it be a small inexpensive thing or whatever price you'll be glad to receive it specially if thoughtfully given by family and friends...

Mom attended reunion last Oct. 18, for exhange gift she got this..

Bath and Body in Japanese Cherry Blosson

Japan goodies for parlor games' prize

inside.. mini lipgloss, face powder pearl, sponge and chocolate

Don't have a sweet tooth but I do like some chocolates.. cadbury fruits and nuts, kitkat and goya with almonds are just some of my favorites..

chocolate coated and chewy inside-not too sweet which is good..

accessories from dear friend Te Arlene

polo blouse for me from Te pinky

from Eisha's bday

Art of the week: Ariel unfinished.. One way to be good in drawing is to draw often as you could, sounds easy but it's difficult to do.. I need to push myself to do it, unless I'm oblige to do it like before when I'm enrolled at Art class or I need a gift for a friend.. I really wish I could enroll at a formal Art School.. Fine arts maybe??!! goodluck!

Been busy preparing for my cousin's wedding invitation.. will post it soon (when everything's settled) I can't wait!

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