Baguio Trip+Food Trip with arts...

4:31 PM

For almost 4 months of living here, we only stroll baguio when my cousin visited us here.. So many places in just 2 days, it's tiring too since we don't have a car to tour us, use your feet for the cheapest way to go around..

Day 1
First stop: hot pot

giant statues

pinoy na pinoy

Second stop: The Manor, Camp John Hay

the manor hotel

Third stop: lunch at Little john's

little john's - owned by flavier


they display the costumer's drawing on the wall

baby back ribs, very tender - 145

salmon head - 165

salmon belly - 145

chicken - 150-200

my 1st drawing while waiting for the order

5 minute drawing after eating..

pass by chocolate

Fourth stop: Mines View

mines view with igorotas wanna be

Fifth stop: The Mansion
the mansion

Sixth stop: Wright Par
all the way up

jump shot

Day 2

1st stop: botanical garden

2nd stop: burham park

3rd stop: wood nymp korean resto at SM - sizzling beef 200++

another beef dish 200++ and bulgogi 100+

Very tiring but fun trip!! Delicious food and lots of pictures to tell...thanks cuz Chevs and Marie

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