korean resto food trip!!

9:13 PM

At last after a month of internet wrath we have new internet connection! we decide to shift into plug in so there's no more hassle in setting it up. Last Jan. 16 I attended my officemate's wedding at Las Pinas, then sunday meet beau, dinner at woo ri jib, kalayaan. This noon we also had our lunch at korean resto in SM at wood nymph... we spent less than 1,000 at woo ri jib compared to 350 at wood nymph, i think their kimbob is cheaper. Nonetheless both resto made us full and its worth it. So without further ado, let the pictures tell it all..


outside resto

inside, it's quite hot, maybe they're saving up electricity since there's only few costumers

chopstick and spoon

frying the pork

pork that comes with lettuce ( you wrap it put some seasoning with pork)

unlimited side dishes! this alone can make you full!






side dishes

kimbab with my mom's arm

complete meal, beef with eggrolls

finish them up!! it's almost 1 pm, too hungry waiting at SMART

last but not the least! fresh strawberries! love making milk shakes minus the ice.. yummy!

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