It's sunday!!

12:12 AM

Happy weekend!! now is the only time my internet doesn't disconnect for hours i've been struggling to connect..arrggg... PC got viruses! Need to find ways how to fix it.. i got old pictures i haven't posted.. some haul from watson's and clark..

Mask from Purederm, it really works-makes my skin soft, tighter, pores smaller, cools your face.. the other one was a deodorant body refreshers similar to a wet tissue

body wash, sweet smell, soft skin after bath

butter, smells nice too

lotion, quick absorption

cakes from Vizco's, popular for their strawberry and other cakes, i got strawberry and carrot cake, cost less 80 pesos each, Vizco's located along session road

today is gonna be a long day for me.. will go back to Manila to attend my friend's wedding.. excited for her, i'm one of her bridesmaid so goodluck eyebags and zits!

came across this site with list of good food/resto in baguio:

1. Baguio COuntry Club and Honey in the rock!!
2. Mark & Jeff resto(the 1 'dean mountford' was refering to as the resto at porta vaga,2nd floor next to the elevator)
3. Vizcos good fud, good cakes
4. Don Hen
5. Sizzling plate (mainit nga Lang sa loob)
6. 50's diner
7. ung green house sa general luna(ung pork steak, haha)
8. Good taste
9. cafe by the ruins (a plus for the ambiance)
10. OMG (a plus for the ambiance)
11. PNKY (a plus for the ambiance)
12. volante

might try them someday..hehe

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