Summer Vacation!

3:24 PM

Some of us in tech and sys. dev team along with their families and friends decided to spend our group outing at Puerto Galera, Mindoro. To sum all things up, here are the activities:

-8 am after WS meeting place at Central
-9 am , we're all complete except for the jeepney we rented going to Batangas Pier
-before 10 am at last jeep arrived, 3 long hour drive on way to Batangas Pier, stops at gasoline station-take off to SLEX
-9 am to 12 pm - we're all starving, god thing we have sandwiches and's hot! traffic due to road fixing at SLEX
-before 1 pm we arrived at ticketing center, there's nuisance situation happening here, lot's of boat agents are confusing us where to ride, negotiating for boat price.. we go for MB Bryan 510 with environmental fee which will take us to Talipanan.. resort, my officemate Felwin reserved for us.

-past 1 pm to 2pm getting dizzy inside the boat while waiting for more passenger, it almost full and they told us it will leave 12:45 but it's almost 2pm

-2:30 pm to 3 pm- sleepy inside the boat, I woke up and saw everyone's sleeping so I took my phone and record them..funny! Kuya Ronel saw me so he took pictures of us sleeping..gotcha!
-past 3pm we arrive at White Beach, pit stop for the other passengers but not for us, we'll be heading to GM Resort at Talipanan.

white beach... quiet crowded it's holy week ei..

-10 minutes more and we arrived at the resort! exhausted and hungry, me being tagged as girl scout, brought cooked rice and viands, also che..then had our lunch at the room's veranda.

eating our packed lunch! it almost 4pm!!

Talipanan.. GM Resort.. peaceful than whte beach

-5pm change to swimming attire and head to beach, some decided to have henna tattoo and us went swimming instead.

they're chasing che.. she sat on small boat and here she got wet bum

-6 pm bathe, then ate dinner, we had grilled fish and liempo with cucumber-tomato and vinegar as side dish. yummy! it should be coz it's pricey!


-8 pm contact a boat that will bring us to white beach and see what night life their is all about.
-9 pm white beach , there's bands, music, restos and souvenir shops. Watch the bands and chill out!

night life at White Beach

-12 am fetched at white beach and headed back to Talipanan..lie down on sand for a couple of minutes, chat scary stories with Apple..but I'm sleepy so after changing clothes we we went to the room and bid the moon goodnight..while others continue their chat and bonding outside.
-6 am my phone's alarming but I'm too lazy to get up
- 7 am I thought I turned it off but it's still alarming to I got up and ask them what today's activity.
-minutes after-had breakfast, coffee and bread with mayo and choco spreads courtesy of Jimm's and ladies choice boys' are sleeping on their room.

chill out at ratan swing!

-8 am still deciding whether to go snorkeling.. we insist on KJs please.. 1, 5K for the boat and 100 for snorkeling gadget and last we all agreed on..

some swim , some play with sands and play people with

-past 9 am wondering where to go, we thought we'll be heading way home after 30 minutes boat ride we arrived at a stony island, white sand beach, lots of coral, colorful fishes, aquarium stone sand breath taking scenery.

snorkeling site

-10 am first batch, snorkeling with Marcy, Raine, Apple and me.. other go on swimming..
-11 am we left the island with lots of beautiful pictures and underwater experience that's definitely worth it!
-11:30 back at the resort, bathe and prepared for lunch, guess the menu for the day??? canned TUNA!!! Marcy brought rice and apple had mangoes (talking about fruits) yummmy!!! boodle fight minus the banana leaves.
-around 12 pm contact the boat to fetch us around 3pm.

more emo pics..
-2:30 boat arrived earlier than schedule.. pack things up and we're heading back to Batangas
-past 3pm stop over at white beach to fetch more passengers.. deja vu again...dizzy while waiting.. waving and bid our goodbye to the 2 days vacation full of memories, laughter and fun!~
-4pm to 5 pm enjoy the colorful boat sailing..again waves makes us sleepy..took nap..

-6 pm arrived at Batangas pier, last group picture ride the bus.
-past 6 pm left pier going to Cubao
-around 8 pm Cubao, ride bus going to Fairview, after 30 minutes we're back..
-past 9pm HOME SWEET HOME...ate dinner then went to bed, sleep..tiring but FUN!!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog, as well as, following! :) Good luck on the contest.

    Wow it looks like a fun place!!! I love sea through water... hehe~

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  3. thanks ahleesa..i'm a fan of your blog..up for more contest!


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