New Career!

10:56 PM

Yes folks after 4 years and 6 months in BPO I've shifted a career on IT, assigned as staff at CSD in nearby school.. started 3 days ago. Different environment indeed , no more free coffee, iced tea and juice, no more badge in-badge out, no more lockers, no more 12th floor art and food choices, no more elevators /escalators-Did I miss these things? probably but not-the MRT vex, average hours of walking, traffic, pollution, cramming slash sweating slash hope i could fly when running errands and hope could make on time. I miss some of my officemates but found new ones.. very hilarious set of officemates, hoping I could get along.. and not to mention doing the job I should've been doing 5 years ago.

Whatever happens I always say, if it is for me it's for me and everything happens for a reason and that reason is what I need to discover.. the purpose why I'm there and proving what I can..



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