Catch Up!

7:19 PM

Been busy this past month-cousin's wedding, picture editing, new year reunion, now I have the time to blog everything! so prepare for heavy pictures post!

First thing first! Maybelline had their sale last month, since I'm out of lipbalm and I need foundation for my cousin's wedding I grab some..

10% off

scent is similar to philosophy's mint

original price 349.00 - 30% off, good coverage, one thing I've learned in choosing a foundation, is it should matched the color of your neck so there's no tonal difference between the face and neck, hmmm.. in my case it works!

Invitation I made for my cousin's wedding, second time.. Simple and Unique!

New Year's Mini Reunion! hope we'll be complete someday..

voracious eater? anyone?

another frame for this one >>

my personalize-thoughtful-effort gift for her..

Brownies Unlimited!!! yummy!

Walnut swirl is my fave!

this one is free!


Speakin of cake.. why not make one?!


Cake mix
1 and 1/3 cup water
3 eggs
1/2 cup butter

Bake and ready to eat!

Tada! sprinkle some chocolates and nuts..


Love taking pictures of pine trees.. you think it's sunrise?? nope!

beauty right?!

Art of the week:

love her eyes.. looks real!

sketch pad and some colors gift from ate Ody-Thank you! I'll be eager to draw more!

Reason I love December!!! gift-food-family-friends! Love them all..


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