2:19 PM

ah.. weekends... Plan for the day??? Watch Michael Jackson's documentary..Living with MJ..
couple of days before he died I saw on TV being followed by paparazzi, giddy that MJ put his hand out of the window of his car and the cameraman, days later the news popped.

When my officemate had a chat about MJ he told me he watched this documentary, curious about the story, i searched it on youtube..just by watching some of the clips, you could see him laugh, talk to people, childhood memories, shopping, living in Neverland, etc., which tell you why MJ became the person he is now.

I'm not a super fan, but I really admire his passion in singing, dancing and composing.. The farewell ceremony for him made me cry, you can really know how important a person is when he's gone.
Hyun Joongs's motto: Life is a one shot..

Hope to make most out of it!

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