16th Hot Air Balloon+Nanay Ester's 79th birthday

8:21 PM

Original plan is to only go in Olongapo for my lola's birthday, we stop at Pampanga-visit some relatives before going to Olongapo next day. Olongapo is 45 minutes away from Pampanga and because it's the first day of hot air balloon fiesta at Clark we decide to watch the festival. 150 pesos entrance fee -not worth it, we weren't able to watch the balloon flying that afternoon, due to weather condition-(oh well next year) they still have other exhibitions and activities to offer.

falcon-icon for Clark it is!


chalk drawings

balloons for sale

moving statues

parachute exhibition

The only inflated balloon
Sunset at Clark

Nanay Ester 79th Birthday! Happy Birthday! - tears of joy when we arrived, long life good health and continues blessings.. we love you po..

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